Realistic Size Animatronic Dinosaurs

Real size dinosaur models are hot-selling products for realdinosaur, it is based on real dinosaur fossils proportion of steel production, with microcomputer controller to complete the operation simulation, the use of new materials technology to recover muscle and skin, the final product looks very vivid, shocking, the dinosaur is always the focus of attention, the most powerful weapon for marketing.

Animatronic Dinosaurs Factory In Zigong China

Real size dinosaur is made into skeleton dinosaur using steel production, coupled with mechanical transmission, three-dimensional sculpture with high-density foam produced dinosaur muscle part, and then attached above the muscle fiber materials, increase strength and capricious dinosaur skin, and finally diluted with silica gel on the formation of dinosaur skin by brush onto dinosaur muscles, then spray on the color, connect the microcomputer motion controller, and finally write the needed operation program, this is the production process simulation dinosaur.

These simulation dinosaur can create the following actions: blink, moving head left to right, moving mouth open and close, moving up and down the neck, forelimb moving, breathing, tail swing, etc., coupled with powerful sounds, the dinosaur will be “Resurrection” .

Professional Animatronic Dinosaurs Factory

Real size animatronic dinosaur can make people know about dinosaurs ituitively and visually, restore back to ancient times.

Whether it is a child or adult, it will be ascinated by the dinosaurs, our products have been more and more applications to the dinosaur theme park, amusement park, dinosaur museum, schools, large shopping mall, private parties, and other kinds of occasions, so that the customers can achieve a great success.

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