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The first representative of Protoceratopsidae in China was collected by the Sino-Swedish Expedition. B. Bohlin described the specimen in 1953, and referred it to Protoceratops andrewsi. The material came from Ulan Tsonch ( means Red Tower in Mongolian ) in Inner Mongolia; the locality is now called the Bayantu of Uradhouqi ( Dong, 1992 ) . In the same year, Bohlin also described another new genus and species of a protoceratopsid from the Tsondolein Khuduk location in the Gansu Province. He named it as Microceratops gobiensis.According to a new interpretation, Bohlin’ s collection of Microceratops bones was probably taken from the Early Cretaceous beds ( Dong, 1992 ) .


During the summer of 1987 and 1990, members of the Sino-Canadian expedition collected a large number of protoceratopsians at the Bayan Mandahu in Inner Mongolia, only 25 km west of the Sino-Swedish site of Ulan Tsonch ( near the modern village Bayantu ) . These fossil findings of Protoceratops include remains of embryos, juveniles and adults. These are represented by 29 skulls, ranging from 2 cm to almost 1.5 m in length (Dong, 1993; Dong and Currie, 1993 ) .

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