Prosauropods appeared as dominant members

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Prosauropods appeared as dominant members

Bien and Wang’ s excavations in the Lufeng and Shi-men Groups proved to be successful. fiery dragon They collected a lot of fossils, especially from the Lower Lufeng Formation, which included prosauropods, corocdilians, mammal-like reptiles, and early mammals.


Prosauropods appeared as dominant members of the Lufeng fauna, animatronic animal with three genera preserved: Lufengosaurus, Anchisaurus ( Gyposaurus ) and Yunnanosaurus, all described by Young ( 1941, 1942, 1951 ) . Lufengosaurus huenei is the first Chinese dinosaur with completely preserved and mounted skeleton. It was put on public display in Beipei of Chongqing in the Sichuan Province. Bien’s discovery was important for a rapid progress of dinosaur research in China, and making the Lufeng Basin a world famous dinosaur site.


Yunnanosaurus had a lightly built skeleton with a rather elongate skull. The lower jaw is slender with small dental foramina and peculiar teeth. The teeth are cylindrical but somewhat flattened from side to side, having a chisel-like appearance. Tips of the teeth were worn off at an angle, forming thus sharp cutting edges similar to those in the teeth of sauropod dinosaurs. The Yunnanosaurus was collected from the upper part of,the Lower Lufeng Formation. Recently, several nearly complete skeletons of Yunnanosaurus were collected from Yimen and Jinning County in the Yunnan Province.


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