t-rex dinosaur

Recently the T-Rex dinosaurs are mostly required and ordered, but parts of the clients are new in the dinosaurs, if , so our company is willing to share some big dinosaurs installment cases, then all of the customers will have a rough concept of how the big dinosaurs will need to be installed.

Dinosaur Manufacturer Of Zigong

Basically, there should be one big crane and hoist, which can stretch to 25m to the most, the legs of the dinosaurs will be disassembled off the balanced base, so needing to arrange 5-10 people to help the installment works, then will be useful to hold on the disassembled legs when unscrew the 8-10 screws(the screws should be preserved well), and one special person to be the middleman to deliver the messages of both sides.

As the professional suppliers of dinosaurs, we will always provide the installment instructions, by the way, we will send the special team to install on the place.

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