Animatronic Giraffe

Dimensions 2.5m*0.7m*3.2m
Movements Mouth, tail, head, eye, neck
Voltage Supply 110v/220v/380v


We are a professional dinosaur entertainment equipment manufacturer. Especially in animatronic animal.

We export nearly 5000 animatronic animals every year. Our animatronic animal are very popular among friends from all over the world.

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Life Size Animatronic Giraffe For Zoo Decoration

This is a giraffe with a height of three meters.It can move back and forth. It will make a real sound when you open your mouth.

Giraffe is the highest existing terrestrial animal in the world. Giraffes live in the African savannah, a herbivore, with leaves and twigs as the main food.

The life of a giraffe in the wild is about 27 years, and the zoo can live for more than 29 years.

Mainly distributed in Africa, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. Is the national animal of South Africa.

180 kg
250 × 70 × 320 cm

Simulate colors or customize as needed


Steel + sponge + silica gel



Application occasion

Zoo, Science and Technology Museum, Animals Theme Exhibition


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