3.5 Meter Long Vivid Lifelike Animatronic Rhinoceros

3.5 Meter Long Vivid Lifelike Animatronic Rhinoceros

  • Rhinoceros is the world’s largest hoofed animal. Rhinoceros has short legs and awkward body.
  • It has a body length of 2.2-4.5 meters, a height of 1.2-2 meters, and a weight of about 2000-5000 kilograms.
  • This rhinoceros is 3.5 meters in length. It is a big rhinoceros.
  • It can move the head to the left and right, and will open and close the mouth.

Animatronic rhinoceros are our hot products, Most customers use it for animal exhibitions.

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Rhinoceros model

Animatronic Rhinoceros

120 kg
350 × 75 × 140 cm

Black, Olive, White


Glass, Metal, Polypropylene


3"w x 3.8"h


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