5 Meter Long Triceratops Riding Dinosaurs For Kids


  • Eye: Blinking
  • Mouth: open and close synchronized with roaring sounds
  • Head: Move left to right
  • Body: Move up and down
  • Front claws: Moving
  • Tail: sway from left to right


  • Material: Anti-rust metal frames+Brushless Motors+ Advanced silicon rubber+Saddle
  • Sounds: Alive roaring sounds
  • Power: 220/110v & 50/60hz Control
  • Mode: remote control/infrared sensor, etc.

5 Meter Long Triceratops Riding Dinosaurs For Kids

  • This is a 5 meter triceratop ride.It can blink your eyes and make a sound when you open your mouth.Its body sways back and forth.
  • Of course, its head can move left and right, and it will also wag its tail.
  • Its control module and audio are placed inside the stairs, it only needs to be activated with a normal power supply. It can be activated by remote control or coin-operated.
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