Theme Park dinosaur Decoration Realistic Carnotaurus Model

Size: Length 26.5 feet & Height 8.2 feet.

Movements: Mouth open and close with synchronized sound / Eyes blinking / Head moving / Stomach breathing / Wagging tail / Forepaw scratching / The movements can decrease or add by customer’s choice.

Material: High quality metal frame / Motor / Sponge / Advance silicon rubber.

Accessories: 1*infrared sensor / 1*waterproof rock /  1*speaker / 1*remote control / 1*control box.

Usage: Amusement park / Theme park / Shopping mall / Festival / Square / Garden decoration / Industrial parks / Carnivals, etc.


The Realistic Carnotaurus Model is a stunningly realistic depiction of the prehistoric carnivore, complete with lifelike movements and behaviors.

When powered on, the model can perform a variety of actions that make it seem like a living, breathing dinosaur.

The model is capable of winking its eyes, making it seem as if it’s reacting to its surroundings. It can also shake its head and tail, adding to the sense of realism and motion.

The model can wave its paws in a lifelike manner, as if it’s reaching out to visitors.

Finally, the Realistic Carnotaurus Model can open its mouth and let out a fearsome roar, making visitors feel like they’re face to face with a real-life Carnotaurus.

It quickly becomes the star of the dinosaur theme park, with visitors flocking to take pictures and videos of the lifelike creature.

Its realistic movements and behaviors are sure to captivate visitors of all ages, making it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the park.

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