Simulation Spinosaurus Model For Exhibition


Simulation Spinosaurus Model For Dinosaur Exhibition

Spinosaurus was a large theropod carnivorous dinosaur, with body length around 12-20.7 meters, known with distinct long and high spines on the back.

This dinosaur was made in Spinosaurus with 7 meters long size, will be used in theme park in USA.

The shape totally was made according to scientific proportion, to recover Spinosaurus features in middle and late cretaceous.

Spinosaurus had long skull like crocodile and long neck, standing straightly, was one of typical animal in the dinosaur time.

7 meters displayed perfectly with sound and movements effects, will certainly bring people back into magic Jurassic Times!


Aqua, Red, White, Yellow


Glass, Metal, Wood


13"H x 10"W x 8"D


7"D x 7"Diameter


Contemporary table lamp / task lamp


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