3 Meter Long Riding Walking Dinosaur Triceratops

3 Meter Long Riding Walking Dinosaur Triceratops For Sale

  • New amusement equipment based on animatronic dinosaurs.
  • Material: anti-rust strengthen steel frame, high density sponge, silicone gel, pigments.
  • Attractive dinosaur ride for outdoors, dinosaur shape animal ride for theme park, garden, scenic area, activities, etc.
  • Supplying all kinds of animatronic dinosaurs and peripheral equipments.

This is a very interesting amusement park dinosaur equipment.

  1. Kids can ride on the back of dinosaurs and become brave knights.
  2. After the user puts in the coin, the dinosaurs were immediately “revived”, they start to roar and walk, the children on the dinosaur’s back began to shout excitedly, tt’s very attractive.
  3. You can sell coins for kids to ride, you will get a huge profit.

What are you waiting for? now, please contact us customize your Riding Walking Dinosaur.


Riding Walking Dinosaur


Riding Walking Dinosaur

130 kg
300 × 70 × 150 cm


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