Realistic Hidden Legs Dinosaur Costume

Realistic Hidden Legs Dinosaur Costume – Dilophosaurus Style

As we all know, most of the clients will choose the type of t-rex costume and raptor costume if they’d like to order kinds of dinosaur costumes, but some other clients want to purchase some special customized dinosaur costumes like Dilophosaurus costume just like the dinosaur model we make for France, this is one of the representative dinosaur costumes as the example for our advertisement.

This dinosaur costume is in type of hidden legs, the operator can not be easily found when walking around with the dinosaur, as the legs are handled with some special treatment, just like no one gets inside the dinosaur.

What’s more, this dinosaur is used of new materials of fabric, which can make the dinosaur to be much flexible and lightweight when walk and control with the dinosaur suit, it will be just 16-18kg in total, and the skin will be as realistic as possible, especially on the strips and textures, all of those points are different sizes.

Comparison to the normal dinosaur costume in high density sponge, the new dinosaur models will be not easily broken, and can be easily repaired by thread and needle by anyone, even though the cost will be a little higher, most of the clients will choose the new materials dinosaur costume as the prior option, unless that they have less budget on this dinosaur.


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