Realistic Dinosaur Rides for Amusement Park

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Dinosaur Ride Movements

  • 1)Eye: Blinking
  • 2)Mouth: open and close synchronized with roaring sounds
  • 3)Head: Move left to right
  • 4)Body: Move up and down
  • 5)Front claws: Moving
  • 6)Tail: sway from left to right
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Realistic Dinosaur Rides For Amusement Park

Here comes with another kind of dinosaur rides in model of Irritator,Which looks like the dinosaur model of T-Rex and Allosaurus model, the difference is the spines and spikes on the body and back.

And this Irritator dinosaur ride is designed to move forward gestures, which makes the dinosaur to be more fierece and different,

To give people who riding on the dinosaur rides have the better experience, just like the feeling of riding on the roller coaster.

animatronic dinosaur rides
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