Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Stage Show

Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Stage Show

Back to the last year, we still make all of the dinosaur costumes in normal materials, namely high density sponge with layers of silicone rubber, and it will always realistic to the real dinosaurs, but it will weigh about 25kg or so, which means it will be much difficult to control, especially for walking with the dinosaur costumes, let alone some other bigger sizes dinosaur costume, like dinosaur costume in 6m or 8m.

So our technicians decided to make some improvements on the skin, then the new materials of fabric emerged at the right moment, the t-rex costume in hidden legs is the first dinosaur we made for trial, we spent 15 days to finish, and the result was great, meet our requirements, what’s more, met the requirements our clients from Spain.

As the first dinosaur costume, we promised our client to give the best price at USD 2500 only in the condition that the client agreed to give us a little more time to finish, this is the biggest discounting ever, the operator feel comfortable and easier to control and walk with the dinosaur costume, besides, it weighs only 18kg, which can be called a big improvement, now we apply this kind of materials for many other types of dinosaurs, like puppets.






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