Realistic Animatronic Crocodile For Sale

Realistic Animatronic Crocodile For Sale

The crocodile is one of the earliest and most primitive reptiles found to be alive so far.

It appeared in the Mesozoic (about 200 million years ago) of the Triassic to Cretaceous, a fierce vertebrates of vertebrate reptiles, and it is a contemporaneous animal of the dinosaurs, a carnivorous animal.

This simulation animatronic crocodile, we manufacture according to the real crocodile one by one.

While guaranteeing its realistic shape, we give it action. It can open the mouth and move the forelimb, of course it can shake the tail.

I think it’s just a photo to see how realistic it is.

If you have any animals you want to customize, please send us a photo, we can customize it according to the picture.


Fabric, Wood


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