New Material Walking Velociraptor Costume

Product Size: L:4.2m*W:0.65m*H:2m

Walking Velociraptor Costume Features

  • Operator enters and operates Joystick/Levers
  • Integrated control box managing one fans, main switch, 7 sounds and voltage
  • Removable power supply
  • One camera on the nose
  • High definition LCD displayer
  • High power two fans for cooling
  • Shoulder padding for better loading
  • Realistic textures and stripes
  • Eight holes on the body for air ventilation
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After testing the new material for the skin of the dinosaur costumes, we produced more and more dinosaur costumes in new material for our clients, and we give the best price and promotion, the clients are all happy to see the result that they can get the dinosaurs in the reasonable price.

The new design dinosaur costumes can make movements more flexible and the operator can control the dinosaurs inside foer a longer time, even run easily with the dinosaur costume, the lead time can be shorter in this way.

Walking Velociraptor Costume Movements:

  • Eyes blinking
  • Mouth open and close synchronized with roaring sounds
  • Neck to head moving left to right
  • Neck to head moving up and down
  • Neck to head twisting □Front arms moving
  • Running and walking
  • Tail swaying
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