Lightweight Animatronic Dinosaur Costume

Lightweight animatronic dinosaur costume

To know the dinosaur costume better, you should firstly know how the kind of dinosaurs are named, sometimes, we can the walking dinosaur in the name of dinosaur costume, puppet or mascot for NBA, and sometimes we will call the dinosaur in the name of dinosaur suit, because the dinosaur can let people to put on and get inside to control.

It is the same dinosaur just the name differences, but dinosaur suit is used most by some mnority language countries, even in china, the clients will ask our company to manufacture the dinosaur with the name of leather sheath or clothes, different places will call the dinosaur in difference names.

When any festival or there is any party needing to decorate with the costume, the clients will think of ordering some dinosaur suits for those special festivals, even some of among are just students, the dinosaur suit is so lightweight, anyone can get inside to control the dinosaur suit, especially after being trained several times, the person can control and make a performance very well, and to do the shows anywhere, like shopping mall and street, there will be a great amount of visitors to affiliate, and enjoy the shows you are making.

But you should notice that the front arms and the tail can not be controlled completely, they are just moving automatically, namely when the operator moves and walks, the front arms and tail of the dinosaur suit will move in correspondence, now we are also researching that to do the movements of the front arm and tail.

And even to make the body movements, to make the movements, especially when walking in different directions, the suit can look like much more realistic; besides, the perfect size for the adults will be 4-4.2m long, whether the size is too long or too short, the operators will feel not comfortable inside the dinosaur suit, so noramlly we will ask the client for the operator sizes, then the workers will manufacture based on the details and dimentions.


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