lifelike Handmade High Simulation Dinosaur

lifelike Handmade High Simulation Dinosaur

In the dinosaur park, you can see many high simulation dinosaur, even in some amusement park, all those dinosaurs are highly simulated dinosaurs, it is highly emulated, just like the robot, we can call them like robot dinosaur.

And we can do the Voice simulation: our company asks the technicians to research and compare all the voices from the book and anywhere owing the sounds data, then to set the corresponding sounds to each kind of dinosaur, then when the dinosaur makes the sounds, it will be vivid and reaslitic enough, especially will scare the kids the first time the sounds are made.

Movements simulation: as you see the robot in the TV, the robot now is becoming more and more lifelike, just like the real person in the real world, just the knees movements are not that good enough, in the similar way, our company asks the workers and welders to make the steel frames to be divided into many joints, then the joints will be connected.

And then the technicians will make the electic circuit on the steel frames, we make the simulation dinosaur with the dinosaur skins and stripes, then the dinosaur can look like real ones, we can call it as robot simulation dinosaur.

Skin and stripes simulation: Our company will assign many workers to do the skins and stripes specially, it is called modeling process, including the brush coating, it is the main step, the workers will be primarily women, they can be much more careful and scrupulous than man, the brush coating will need the silk stockings, then mixed with the silicon rubber.

And with some diluent, then can make the expected skins and stripes.

Effect simulation: When the dinosaurs are finished and put in the dinosaur park, like Jurrasic park, diverse kinds of dinosaurs, big and small, different colors, different movements, different gestures, sounds, and with the relative decorations like grass and fake rock and trees.

All those simulation dinosaurs move to make the people feel like they are in the real scene of dinosaurs hundred million years ago, then visitors around the world will come and see. Animatronic dinosaur.


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