Life Size Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Adult

Life Size Realistic Dinosaur Costume For Adult

How to manufacture the dinosaur just as the real dinosaur? It is the first and key question, also the requirement at the same time, when the factory begins to make the real dinosaur.

So before manufacturing, the factory needs to search the datum and learn more facts about the real dinosaur: Currently we have a lot of understandings about four-legged dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops, but it is always been a mystery how those real dinosaurs stand up to complete the entire standing processes with four legs.

Recently, scientists S. Maidment and P.Barrett at the Natural History Museum stand out to reveal for us. The researchers reconstructed the dinosaur limb muscles, then have a new understanding of the standing postures on real dinosaurs.

Because of the soft tissues, such as muscle, rarely preserved as fossils, scientists will use the close relatives of dinosaurs, such as birds and crocodiles and other datum as a reference.

At present, the research team has successfully recovered hadrosaur stance and gait. when standing, the forelimbs of the Hadrosaur close tightly, walking along the same midline forelimb alternately. This movement has been confirmed by the fossil footprints.

Now, we have many new understandings, scientists will further explore the movements way of real dinosaur.

According to Maidment, at present they have established a 3D model on the computer to reflect how does the four limbs work with each other in coordination.


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