Life Size Raptors Costume For Halloween

For the first time to meet the realistic dinosaur costume, most of the people will have the reaction, that may have been my favorite because you could tell they could feel each other’s fear, although everyone think that the costume is not a real one.


  • Materials(Waterproof): Inside: Stainless Steel Tube,Outside: Sponge, Fabric, Oil Pigments
  • Battery: 12V/5A For 2 Hours.
  • Customization(Operator): Shoe Sizes, Height, Weight.
  • Sounds: 7 Types
  • Performance: Equipped With BaBaka And Pantyhose
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Life Size Raptors Costume For Halloween


Life Size Raptor Costume For Halloween  dinosaur costume

Raptor Costume For Halloween  Life Size Raptor Costume


Apart from the knowledge about the dinosaur costume mechanism and operating method, i do suggest all of you to get known the three sizes of the realistic dinosaur costume for adults.

The first size is the dinosaur costume size, it is 4.2×0.8×1.95 originally, and the length can be coorinated to some extent, like ranging from 3.5m to 4.2m, but the size of 4.2×0.8×1.95 will be the most perfect size for adults after testing.

The second size is the operator size, each dinosaur costume will be produced based on the operator sizes, because it is many different in the sizes from different countires, like chinese people is medium size, and Australian people will be strong and tall size.

The third size is the shoe size, even the adults will have different shoe sizes, when get known the shoe sizes, our workers can provide the most suitable shoes for the specific operator, then the operator will feel comfortable enough when controlling the realistic dinosaur costume for adults.

In fact, there is still one another size, it is also important, it is the air case size, the realistic dinosaur costume for adults will be packed into one air case, then the air case will be 3*0.8*1.2, this air case will be used repeatedly.

The life size raptors costume for adults can be used by anyone, it is convenient to move and use, will be a good choice even for Halloween, just like some people respond that last years, they only to be greeted by one giant dinosaur costume of one of their friends.

And be tricked, because you will not know who is playing the trick with you, you can not see the operator inside, but the operator can see you for the displayer in the camera.

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 0.8 × 1.95 m
After-Sale Service

12-24 Months(After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service)


Optional(customize all kinds of color schemes)

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