Jurassic Park Mechanical Stegosaurus Model

Jurassic Park Mechanical Stegosaurus Model For Sale

This Stegosaurus was order by a USA Client, will be used in theme park for dinosaur exhibition.

The size is about 5 meter in length, with animatronic movements such as head turning, mouth opening&close, tail swaying.

Zigong Real Dinosaur Science and Technology is a company which focuses on Biomimetic models, experienced in animatronic dinosaur manufacturing.

The simulation series products now have been researched and developed have exceeded hundred kinds of dinosaur models, animal models of different forms and specifications, such as riding simulation mechanical dinosaurs, dynamic walking simulation dinosaurs, fighting dinosaurs, dinosaur head gate, voice propaganda and wearable light simulation dinosaurs and other new products, popular with users praise!We have enough business, technical and financial experience, whether you choose to cooperate with us, we will share with you!


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