High Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur Costume

High Simulation Animatronic Dinosaur Costume

When decorating the dinopark, or any other place, the clients would like to use the costume dinosaur to activate the atmosphere, because those animatronic dinosaurs can only do the movements set by the program, it will be stiff and rigid.

So the client will assign one or more adults to operate the dinosaur costume, and can do more movements as their will, like walking and running around the people, then interact with the people, everyone will be involved in the scene, sometimes, the operator will control the costume dinosaur to do some thing to pretent to be a real dinosaur.

And the costume dinosaur can be used for stage shows, and especially in festivals, like carnival and halloween based on the tradtional customs, even using in some schools, for example, when a staff member dresses with a costume dinosaur, and walks into a special school, the kids immediately attracted onlookers and begin to discuss. “It is true?”

The dinosaur costume is so vivid as the book showing”dinosaur comes”, “is it really a dinosaur!” “can I feel it right?”

In order to let the children feel and touch the “dinosaur costume “, the staff member will have to mingle with the kids, make a variety or cute or funny expressions and movements, the kids will be absolutely amused with laughter from the audience. and even some kids with language barrier, when they see the costume dinosaur, they will happily dance. although some fear, but curious, the kids has been concentrating on watching at the dinosaur costume.


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