Hidden Legs Dilophosaurus Costume

  • Movements: Eyes blinking, Mouth open and close synchronizedwith roaring sounds, Neck to head moving left to right, Neck to head moving up and down, Neck to head twisting, Running and walking, Tail swaying
  • Functions: Removable power supply, One camera on the nose, LCD displayer inside, Two fans for cooling, Several holes for ventilation, Seven sounds to select, Operator gets inside tooperate the Joystick/Levers
  • Materials: Interior:high quality stainlesssteel tube, Exterior:environmentalsilicon rubber, highdensity antiflamingsponge, pigment,diluent and glasscement.
  • Product Size: 4.2*0.8*1.92(Meter)

Hidden Legs Dilophosaurus Costume

New material of dinosaut skin with fabric sponge, total 18kg,flexible space for perfomers to walk and do all the movements.

Hidden leg design with a pair of rubber boots the size is customized by performer’s feet, so it is comfortable to do performanceand,make costume and person become one!

So if you are considering to buy dinosaur costume and wondering which one to choose, I think this light weight dinosaur costume is an excellent choice!


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