Flying Dinosaur Name Fiery Dragon For Dinopark

Flying dinosaur name fiery dragon for dinopark

The fiery dragon always appears on front of the films or cartoons, this fiery dragon can fly with the huge and strong wings(need 400w transformer and reducer of speed rate by 1:40, motors of 150w and 250w, in this way, this can support the wings movements), just like the pterosaur, and the fiery dragon can be red, white or black colors, but the fiery dragon can not make the movements of spitting fire, it is a kind of simulated dinosaur, it often happens in China, can also be called the chinese dragon, this fiery dragon always live upon the sky.

The fiery dragon shape is special and different from other kinds of dinosaurs, with a long and narrow body, two wings on the back, special head, four legs standing on the ground, let’s get back to the tradition and history of the fiery dragon: The fiery dragon has a strong visual impact at night, therefore, the straw dragon known as the “fiery dragon”, it symbolled by the meaning of “bumper grain harvest”.

Such a big and strong fiery dragon needs one hundred square miles of territory. the fiery dragon body is up to thirty feet, rough scales, purple and sharp eyes, not deep but sharp ridges on the back. Its tail is a tapering tip arrows, bat-like wings. The fiery dragon is mainly fed with dogs, even cattles.


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