Fiberglass Iron Man For Sale

Fiberglass Iron Man

In 2008, Marvel Pictures launched their MCU’s opening superhero movie, Iron Man, and became the most successful series in history.


Eleven years ago, we fell in love with the movie “Iron Man” because of Iron Man’s “I am iron man”, and I deeply liked the Marvel series. After eleven years, when we saw Tony Stark in the cinema, the last time I said this “I am iron man”, I believe that many of the eyes of Marvel powder have already been wet. You think this is the last goodbye. We use the latest technology to reproduce a real-life proportion of Iron Man.


1.We use high-quality FRP products. The base material is made of 196 resin with strong stability, and glass fiber reinforced with platinum fiberglass cloth or alkali-free fiber felt. The car is used for grinding, the surface treatment is made of automobile special paint, and the four layers are sprayed. The bottom of the two sides), the last cover of the car paint varnish, the surface is bright and no stains.

2. The product is handmade, wear-resistant, durable, not easy to deform during use, no dents, no cracking, high strength, no fading, beautiful appearance.

3. On the basis of the production of FRP (resin fiber), at the same time, it can be arbitrarily colored and polished according to requirements, special surface effects such as light and dark, gold, antique, imitation copper, imitation jade, etc., and the surface of the product can be rough and delicate through technical treatment. Cracks, natural gaps, weathering and other real stone effects, the surface effect of the product has excellent direct paint treatment, gold foil, silver foil, electroplating, imitation stone, antique and so on.


[Customized cycle]: 1-15 days (except for large projects)

If the store’s products can not meet your needs, you can order. If you have a favorite pattern, you can provide a pattern or photo, you can also describe you

The product you want. We will do the renderings for you, professional designers until you are satisfied. The price depends on the style you need, the ruler

Inch, material, can be negotiated by phone or mail. Welcome everyone to consult and buy. You are always welcome to visit the factory.


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