Interactive Walking T-Rex Costumes For Game

Interactive dinosaur game walking with life size T-rex costumes

Maybe the t-rex dinosaur is the most fierce and legendary animal in the earth, just like the tiger and lion today, many people, especially the kids would like to see mostly, and we do the t-rex costumes frequently, because our clients ask for more about this kinds of t-rex costumes.

The t-rex dinosaur came to Thailand through time and space! Adapted from the British BBC television, the drama “Walking with Dinosaurs” held a press conference in Thailand, the “Tyrannosaurus Rex”, taller than two people in height, is as the representative of more than 20 large and small dinosaurs, which bounced with the powerful body muscles when running with the jitter, the skin texture is so real, the people can not help to touch on it, it sometimes bouncing merrily, sometimes angry viewers sent waves rush exclaimed: too realistic!

The play will be shocked to Thailand on January 13th, 2011, which takes you through time back to 65 million years ago at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, witnessed the demise of the dinosaurs until the whole process of evolution. The largest dinosaurs ever to walk on the Earth will reproduce in your eyes, absolutely staggering, you will see a number of many larger dinosaurs appearing on the stage, waiting to shock Thailand.

When there will appear a large number of t-rex costumes, to interact with the visitors, you can stand beside the t-rex costumes, and grap the collar or necklace on the neck of the t-rex costumes, you can control the t-rex costumes just like walking the dog.


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