Customized Robotic Animatronic Dilophosaurus

Customized Robotic Animatronic Dilophosaurus

This animatronic dinosaur is produced for attending one of the biggest dinosaur exhibitions in Orlando, USA, so our company demands a higher quality to show our crafts, we use the better steel frames, motors, reducers, high density sponge with silicone rubber, and we assign the best technicians for designing the circuits for all the movements.

The proportion is perfectly designed according to the prototype of the dinosaur model in the history records, and the set of the movements are designed to look like a realistic dinosaur moving in the forest, then no one will think it is a simulation dinosaur only ion the first time they see the dinosaur model.

Now realdinosaur is prepared well of the exhibition dinosaur products, all of the dinosaurs will catch your eyes once you are there in the exhibition, and i will recommend you with more dinosaur models in different styles, i will also planned to meet some of the old clients who ever ordered some animatronic dinosaurs or animals from realdinosaur before, let’s see.


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