Custom-Made Cosplay Velociraptor Costume

Party Custom-Made Cosplay Velociraptor costume

Velociraptor Walking Dinosaur Costume

As we know, the name of the first cyborg Velociraptor dinosaur is “DRAGON”! It is the symbol of supremacy and auspice in China, it is ancient and mysterious, and someone will stay inside a cyborg Velociraptor dinosaur costume as a cyborg, the body will be seal in the cyborg Velociraptor puppet costume for the whole time, and the manufacturer will have to make it by custom-made just to fit on the operators’ body.

There are the equipment of the cooling system inside the cyborg Velociraptor dinosaur costume.

The eyes can blink and rotate in different directions, plus the right eye is an artificial eye of the cybolrg Velociraptor suit, can be more functional.

Recently, i am just cooperating with one distinguished client from United states, two raptor dinosaur costumes are included, and specially required on the stripes and painting, i have to look for the artist to design the skins and make the painting from mixxing the oil pigments, then the artiest works with the painters to make the appearance of the dinosaur costume to be perfect.

besides, the USA people ask for high quality on the steel frame with less cost, the movements should be vivid enough, and can be waterproof to allow to be put outside, now everyting is resolved, and the client has confirmed and satisfied with the results, i will assign the transportation for the dinosaur costumes days later.


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