Animatronic T-Rex For Amusement Park

Cases Sharings:

  • Size: 13M in length
  • Hight: approximately 3.8M
  • Movement: Eyes, Head, Mouth, Arms, Breathing, Tail
  • We are strict in every processes for every pieces of model works, we are willing to creat win-win cooperation with all of you!

Animatronic T-Rex For Amusement Park

Real Dinosaur is a company which is integrated with design&research, production, sale and after sale of animatronic models.

Our materials for animatronic models mainly include steel frame, sponge, and glass cement to make them life size, realistic.

Finishing a complete simulation products needs many procedures.

Simulation products we can do include dinosaur, animal, figure, cartoon, sculpture, and customized items.

As a leading company in simulation industry, we can offer you with high simulation and most satisfied products to you!






Production flow chart


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