Animatronic Dinosaur Equipment For Amusement Park

Animatronic Dinosaur Equipment For Amusement Park – T-rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex has always been one of the most popular dinosaurs.

If you mention the word ‘dinosaurs’, I bet that most people’s minds are the image of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

From the big mouth of the blood basin to the tip of the tail, the king of the tyrannosaurus is called the ultimate in the animal world.

It lived in the western part of North America from 668 to 66 million years ago and is now widely distributed from southern Canada to New Mexico.

And, it’s really big: it’s the largest animal in its family, the adult dragon can reach 12 meters in length and weigh 9 tons. Its powerful jaw is enough to break the bones of other dinosaurs.

And, based on bone anatomy and muscle mass calculations, Tyrannosaurus can run at speeds of up to 27km/h, possibly even faster, although there is still controversy about this. These are enough to explain why Tyrannosaurus has made us so fascinated from the beginning and became part of our culture.

Our designers refer to many paleontological articles and restore the appearance of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Our workers use the latest materials, The latest technology to truly restore a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It blinks, wags its tail, moves its head left and right, and makes a real sound when opening its mouth.

Because of its large size, for the convenience of movement, we put it on the bottom of the dinosaur. Wheels, easy to move, can be easily pushed away by an adult.



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