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Most of the people have seen the animatronic dinosaurs in the dinosaur parks, but the animatronic dinosaur costume is regarded as one new attraction, and is becoming more and more popular recently, nearly more than 90% of the customers would like to buy the dinosaur costume together with the animatronic dinosaurs, no matter for dinosaur park exhibition or festival and holiday performances.


  • 14 joint design – flexible when performing.
  • 7 types of sounds – you can switch the sounds or make your own sounds.
  • 8-inch monitor – internal large size monitor.
  • Soft teeth – silicone teeth, no hurting problems.
  • Realistic eyeball – can also customize the pupil pattern.
  • Light weight – Newly developed skin fabric reduces weight.
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animatronic dinosaur costume for sale  Dilophosaurus costume


animatronic dinosaur costume  Party Props dinosaur costume


Like the mascot in NBA, the animatronic dinosaur costume will be used when the NBA teams are in the period of time out, and even one raptor costume is also the name of the NBA team “raptor”.

The features and differences from the animatronic dinosaurs are that the dinosaur costume is normally contorlled by one adult inside, and then the oprerator will be in charging of the movements, but it is easy and simple to operate after several times practice, just like playing the joystick for a game.

As we know, the animatronic dinosaurs are powered by motor, and the dinosaur costumes are powered by batteries and controlled by persons, of course, the dinosaur costume will be also manufactured with steel frame inside(made from the stainless steel), and installed with battery pack as the power bank.

In this case, the dinosaur costume will be moved by operators, rather than moving automatically, and can make movements as will, no needing to comply with the programed movements sequence.

By the way, the operators can move it to anywhere conveniently, because it is just about 18kg in total, even the dinosaur costume can be pack into the air case, then you can easily move the air case with wheels.

All in all, if you are a private, and you want to have some shows with some attractions, then the dinosaur costume will be the perfect choice for you.

If you are a company, then it can be still the perfect choice for you, because the dinosaur costume can match to other dinosaurs perfectly.

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 4.17 × 0.6 × 1.85 m
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