Animated Dinosaur Model For Jurassic Park Movie

Mechanical animated dinosaur model for Jurassic park movie

T-Rex dinosaur model in realistic color, which is painted by two of the painters in the morning, as the clients from USA required to make the delivery this afternoon, so we decided to assign the workers to work overnight to finish the production, we take just 5 days to finish the dinosaurs in 3 pcs, the agent came to take delivery at the factory, and set sail on the sail schedule, hopefully those dinosaur models will arrive safely, and the clients can use them to make the profit in the dinosaur attraction events.

The technicians also test the quality and movements at the same time, the t-rex dinosaur is moving greatly, after checking with the customer, we are allowed to deliver with the spares after packing well.

The dinosaur gesture is also designed by our artist by drawing on the paper, which our artist can accurately make the shapes of the dinosaur in proportion of length of 5m, what’s more, the height will be from 1.6-1.8m as the dinosaur can move up and down, this is also one method for saving up the sizes when packing.

Look at the side of the animatronic t-rex dinosaur, you can clearly see the muscles scales, seemly a alive dinosaur is existing at your face, you maybe astonished by the dinosaur roaring at the moment the animatronic dinosaur is moving when you walk by, the dinosaur can feel you are close to it.


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