Amusement Riding Dinosaur Equipment For Playground

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Amusement Riding Dinosaur Equipment

At first look, you may think it is the dinosaur model of Triceratops, but it is the dinosaur named styracosaurus, then make into dinosaur rides.

The special dinosaur model means special movements as well, namely the function of moving the body forward and backward although the four legs can not move in this way, so the kids to rider on the dinosaurs will never feel boring, but only exciting.

Besides, the information board to display the basic information of the dinosaurs is installed on the front of the dinosaur ride, then the people walk around the dinosaurs can easily see this information, no matter they will ride on or not.

  • Designer Style ID: R19102
  • Colour: 07 NAVY BLUE
  • Composition
  • Lining: cotton 100%
  • Outer: polyamide 100%
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