Extremely Attractive Animatronic Dinosaur For Amusement Park

  • Size Length: 2M~50M, Height: 1M~25M
  • Movements: Eyes blink, Mouth open&close, Neck left&right, Head up&down, Wagging tail, Abdomen action (imitating breathing), Forelimb waving, Roaring.
  • Production methods: All handmade, color can be customized & Movements can be customized.
  • Accessories: Control Box with one free spare, speakers with build in woofer and volume controller, remote control, sensor infrared control.
  • Delivery Detail:  15 Days.

Animatronic Dinosaur For Amusement Park

Every time we see some dinosaur statues(sculptures) or dinosaur fossils, we will image that what if the dinosaurs can stand up and move like the real ones, even can walk by themselves, that will be absolutely amazing, there will be no other more mysterious thing than this, but now it can come true and realize, we call the dinosaur as animatronic dinosaur or animated dinosaur, as the name suggests, the dinosaur can move just by making a steel frame inside, and be controlled by electric power and be induced by a sensor, the movements can be chosen by the clients, and set by the techinician.

There are so many kinds if aniamtronic dinosaurs, We have exported one T-Rex animatronic dinosaur to Turkey, the dinosaur is manufactured with 13 movements, can be realistic and lifelike enough.

And another type dinosaur is the walking dinosaur, normally only those four legs animatronic dinosaur can walk with the four legs, because the balance can support it to walk, now we have researched a new type animatronic dinosaur, namely one special T-Rex animatronic dinosaur which can walk with only two legs, this needs one person to get insde the base in FRP rock shape, then the person can control the walking movmements just like driving a car, or we can also choose another way to control, namely to make an operation desk, then the operator can control the movements of the T-Rex animatronic dinosaur by pressing the buttons on the operation desk.


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