5 Meters Realistic T-Rex Model

Cases Sharings:

  • 5M Realistic T-Rex Model For Amusement
  • Size: 5 meters L
  • Movements: Eyes blinking, Head moving, Mouth open and close with sound, Arms moving, Tail swaying

Where you can find dinosaur which is made life size and can make sound and roar, not plastic toys, you can touch the skin like the real skin, and dinosaur will make movements when you come.

How an animatronic dinosaur model is made?

Animatronic dinosaur is a technology which is integrated with mechanical transmission, electricity circut design, and shaping. Almost 90% procedures are handmade.

Zigong Real Dinosaur Science&Technology is a company which research and produce dinosaurs for over 10 years
Our Address: No.13, Longxiang Avenue, Bancang Industrial Zone, Yantan District, Zigong, China.
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