5 Meters Custom-Made Dinosaur Ride

5 meters custom-made dinosaur ride

This 5 dinosaur ride is a custom made product for a Singaporean customer.

Our dinosaur products are made according to the proportion of real dinosaurs.

For safety, we usually recommend 4 meters of dinosaurs. Its height is controlled at about 1.5 meters.

The height of 1.5 meters is the safest for most passengers.

However, our customers insist on lengthening to 5 meters, so safety is our priority.

We upgraded the saddle. Let it have a handrail for the children to catch better.

Strictly limit the range of motion. Add handrails to the stairs to facilitate the children to go up and down.

Let our products bring children to be happy and safer at the same time.I think this should be the idea that all entertainment equipment manufacturers should have.


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