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Predatory dinosaurs obtained much of the liquids they needed from their victims, and they also slaked their thirst at the water hole and stream bank. Animatronic dinosaur The herbivorous dinosaurs had to wait their turn while the predatory ones drank. Lacking cheeks to form a continous suction tube, predatory dinosaurs may have had to tilt their heads up like birds to get the water down. Dinosaurs probably bathed, the little ones fluttering their feathers like birds, the larger ones ponderously submerging like elephants and snorting water out of their nostrils.


The big naked-skinned species may also have wallowed like rhinos in the mud. Rolling in the dust was probably practiced by all species. realistic dinosaur costume Such cosmetic activities are good for suppressing skin parasites, soothing wounds, and screening against solar radiation and were undoubtedly enjoyable even to dinosaurian minds. Scratching the snout and behind the ears, picking at teeth, or nibbling the side of the belly were additional likely grooming practices. Feathered species may have preened their feathers with oils from special glands, like birds do.

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