To understand the predatory dinosaur’s appearance

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Such advanced respiratory systems must have been accompanied by high-performance circulatory systems. Walking dinosaur costume The aim would have been to get the oxygen where it was needed as fast as it was needed. Not only that, but high blood pressures were needed to get blood up to the brain carried atop the S-curved neck. High pressureAigh speed blood flow requires a sophisticated fourchambered heart of the type found in birds and mammals. Animatronic Dinosaur In fact, even crocodilians have hearts much like this. and so it was probably a basic archosaurian adaptation. The large heart was set Iow in the chest, just above the sternum and behind the armpits.


To understand the predatory dinosaur’s appearance, we must remember how predators live and function. Meat is easy to break down and digest, so predators have short, uncomplicated digestive tracts.Predators gorge at a carcass, then fast until they are hungry agaLn. The stomach is highly distendable so it can hold big meals. In accordance with this the abdominal “ribs,” or more correctly gastralia, of predatory dinosaurs were poorly ossified, multijointed, and very flexible. So hungry theropods on the hunt should be drawn with hollow cat- or doglike bellies. In some of the big mounted skeletons, the abdominal ribs are mounted to form a distended belly, which would be true only after feeding on a kill. A satiated theropod must have waddled away from its meal!