Predatory dinosaur had teeth unique to itself

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The seventy genera and 102 species that do get full treatment in this catalog are those that I am fairly confldent are real. (Realistic dinosaur costume) In some cases the remains are fragmentary, but since they are found isolated in formations that otherwise lack fossils of their type, they are worth noting. At best, the species is based upon a good specimen, called a type (more properly, holotype), the remains of a single individual which are used. to exempli8/ that species’ skeleton. (walking dinosaur costume)Alas, it is all too rare that the type is a beautifully complete skeleton, one clearly distinctive from all previously identified remains. More often the type is a paltry collection of bones. In such cases, better secondary type (paratlpe) specimens may show the species’ full character. So, horrifically complex situations can arise, in which the species’validiU or the correctness of the name is not clear. This can have us paleontologists hitting our heads against the proverbial wall, wondering why we did not go into something simpler-like nuclear particle physics.


A number of dinosaur species are based on nothing more than isolated teeth. (Animatronic Dinosaur)This is not as bad as it sounds, for it is becoming increasingly likely that each species of predatory dinosaur had teeth unique to itself. But unless skeletal remains have been found that tell us more about the animal. such toothbased species are not included in this text.