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I offer very strong views on what dinosaurs were and what they did, and the you should know that many will disagree with my conclusions. Things probably will settle down eventually; most revolutions gradually taper off into uneasy consensus, at least until the next revolution. But science does, on occasion, get closer to the truth. We do know nowadays that the earth revolves around the sun, not the reverse. Likewise, dinosaur physiology will probably be pinned down someday, and everyone will look back at the eighties and shake their heads at whoever turned out to be wrong. In any case, I am very upset at how little time life gives one to work on the beasts. There is so much to be done, and it is such fun doing it. animatronic dinosaur

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Part II of this book is an illustrated catalog of all important predatory dinosaurs known to date. It includes the first published modern skeletal restorations of such basic theropods as Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, and Coelophysis. But I wish to bring you more than just dry portraits of these animals. When I imagine dinosaurs, it is like watching a documentary on African wildlife. There is a feeling of reality to it, with intricate details, color, dust in the air, and patterns of sunlight. In Part I, I will try to supply you with the information that you need to do the same. The metabolics of dinosaurs are explored in Chapter 7, and how surprisingly fast they may have moved is discussed in Chapter 6. The basics of dinosaur anatomy are to be found in Chapter 4, their footprints are looked over in 5. Chapter 3 examines who lived where and when, and asks some intriguing questions about predatory dinosaur evolution. Who was related to whom is the subject of Chapter 8, while 9 tells how some theropods may have turned into birds. But first, let us begin by examining the features that made predaceous dinosaurs the arch hunters and killers that they were.

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