Playground artificial Abelisaurus realistic dinosaur costume Dilophosaurus for sale

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Our dinosaur costumes are also provided with special functions, which can be used for tourism and entertainment, the another meaningful usage is for showing the visitors with giving a lesson on the dinosaurs, you can be a part of them, or give  them with a part, it will be educational enough being with the animated dinosaurs and suits.


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with the functions on the movements, like walk, talk, blink, breathe and ROAR (cue the noise complaints), those dinosaurs will create a seriously JURASSIC sized impression on the guests and bystanders, each of our dinosaurs comes with a fully trained dinosaur controller, just to make sure things don’t get too out of hand! We have a variety of Dinosaurs, which can be part to perform at your events, so if it’s a dinosaur to walk you down the aisle or for your next birthday party (adults or children).


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Learning about something that went extinct millions of years ago can be challenging, even for the best of teachers! Those dinosaurs are provided for allowing children to get hands on to a real life dinosaur, we believe the interactive session with our dinosaurs that will allow for real life education.


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