Chinese-Japanese-Mongolian Plateau Dinosaur Expedition

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Chinese-Japanese-Mongolian Plateau Dinosaur Expedition

I deeply admire the spirit of R.Andrews and A. Rozhdestvensky, had a greadt as their life as dinosaur hunters has had a great allure for me Realistic Animatronic dinosaur.So early dinosaur hunting in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia became my personal dream. In 1995, the dream came true with the launch of international venture called the Chinese-Japanese-Mongolian Mongolian Plateau Expedition, sponsored by the Central Japan News and the Kyoto Science Agency.

It was an ambitious project with the goal of search dinosaur fossils in the Gobi Desert of Mongolian and Chinese Inner Mongolia. This was the first project that brought paleontologists of Japan, Mongolia, and China to work was also the very first large scale exploration in Chinese and Mongolian Gobi after the end of the ” Cold War” .

In the summer of 1996, we marched into Southern Gobi of Mongolia. The team surveyed Bayn-Shireh, Bayn-Dzak, Toogreeg, Nemegt, and many other areas. At the Toogreeg and Nemegt, Successful outcomes were achived in Toogreek and Nemegt.


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