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The caseids represented an abundant group of herbivorous reptiles related to the pelycosaurs, from middle and late Permian times. The largest were 3m (l0ft)-long Caseoides, and Angelosaurus weighing up to 300kg (661lb), but there were much lighter examples, with Caseopsis being about the same length bur built as an agile animal. For a long-lasting group they were very conservative in build. Casea was one of the last and most abundant, living at the end of the Permian period. With its big body and tiny head Casea must have resembled Edaphosaurus without the sail.(walking dinosaur costume)


Features:Casea has the massive pig-like body that is to be expected of herbivorous reptiles, accommodating the complex digestive system needed for breaking down plant material. The neck vertebrae are small and the ribs are big and curved, giving the barrel-shape to the body. The teeth in the upper jaw are thick and pig-like, while those in the lower jaw are totally absent. The holes in the skull are enormous, and the upper jaw overhangs the lower quite considerably. animatronic dinosaur
This, as far as we know, was the biggest of the caseids.
It was the biggest land animal of its time, relying on its sheer size rather than armour or swiftness of foot to protect it from the carnivores of the time and place.


These enormous caseids probably had the same lifestyle as the huge pareiasaurs that preceded them. With the extinction of the caseids there seems to have been a gap of several million years before big plant-eaters evolved once more, in the form of the herbivorous dinocephalians of the latest Permian.


Features:The skull is tiny, almost ridiculously so, and perched on a longish neck in front of truly massive shoulders. The sprawling limbs must have had massive muscles, like those of the modern giant tortoise, to support and move the 2-tonne weight of this enormous animal. The truly giant species, C. hancocki, was probably a descendant of the earlier and much smaller C. romeri.

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