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Paleontologists for dinosaur – part 1


There are many hundreds of paleontologists, the scientists who have discovered and studied the fossils, who should receive a mention in this list, all having pushed forward the frontiers of palaeontology or still actively doing so. The following is merely a selection of those who have contributed to the science.

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Florentino Ameghino(1857-1911)

More famous for his work on the unique fossil mammals of South America, Ameghino pioneered the study and excavation of dinosaurs and other extinct vertebrates in Argentina in the late nineteenth century. Most of his discoveries are now housed in the La Plata Museum, Argentina.


Roy Chapman Andrews(1884-1960)

Andrews led several expeditions from the American Museum of Natural History into the Gobi desert in the 1920s. The intention was to find the earliest remains of human ancestors. Instead he found a vast array of new dinosaurs in Cretaceous rocks.

Perhaps the most important find was the first example of a dinosaur nest with its eggs. He pioneered the use of motorized transport to reach fossil sites.


Robert T. Bakker (1945-)

The concept of warm-bloodedness in dinosaurs is associated more with the charismatic Bakker than anyone else. Since the 1960s he has maintained that dinosaurs were lively active animals, using many lines of evidence,including comparative anatomy and fossil population studies. He has named several new dinosaur genera.

 animatronic dinosaur

Rinchen Barsbold (1935-)

Barsbold is a Mongolian palaeontologist who, since the 1980s has worked with the Palaeontological Centre, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Ulan Baatar, and has done a great deal to uncover and name the central Asian dinosaurs.


Jose F. Bonaparte (1928-)

The most famous contemporary Argentinean palaeontologist,Bonaparte has added hugely to the understanding of dinosaurs in South America. His work includes studies of the late Cretaceous armoured titanosaurs and an investigation of South American pterosaurs that led to a renaissance of the subject.

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