Paleontologists for dinosaur – part 2

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Robert Broom (1866-1951)

Broom was born in Scotland and moved as a doctor to South Africa in 1903. He was the principal discoverer of the Permian and Triassic mammal­like reptiles of southern Africa. He also did important work on early hominids.

William Buckland (1784-1856) The first professor of geology at Oxford University, Buckland was the first to publish a scientific description of a dinosaur – Megalosaurus in 1824. Dinosaur bones had been noted before but never studied seriously. He recognized that the fossil jawbone and teeth that had been brought to him had come from a giant reptile of some kind. This was before the concept of a dinosaur had been established.

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Edwin Colbert (1905-2001)

This curator of the American Museum of Natural History and later the Museum of Northern Arizona is famous for his discovery,in the 1960s, of the fossil of a mammal-like reptile, LystrosauruSj in Antarctica. This discovery helped to confirm the understanding of the movements of the continents caused by plate tectonics.

He famously studied the bonebed of Coelophysis found in New Mexico.

Edward Drinker Cope (1840-97) Cope was one of the two figures in the nineteenth century “bone wars” 一 a long-lasting rivalry with Othniel Charles Marsh to find and describe as many dinosaur specimens from the newly-opened Midwest of North America as possible. He worked from Philadelphia, USA.


Eberhard Fraas (1862-1915)

Most dinosaur discoveries had been made in Europe and in North America.

huge Brachiosaurus (now renamed Giraffatitan) that for years stood in the Humboldt Museum in Berlin as the biggest mounted skeleton in the world.


John R. (Jack) Horner (1946-)

As state geologist for Montana, USA, Homer was the principal investigator of the dinosaur nesting sites of Egg Mountain and Egg Island, and named Maiasaura. The result of his work has been a new understanding of dinosaur family and social life.


Louis S. B. Leakey (1903-72)

Born in Kenya, Leakey is noted for his discoveries of early hominids in Africa. His belief that early humans were to he found in Africa rather than Asia was borne out by his finds, most famously the fossils in the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, which he excavated with his wife Mary.

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Joseph Leidy (1823-91)

The first dinosaur to be studied in North America, was found in New Jersey, and named by Leidy. Hadrosaurus is now regarded as a nomen dubium as there was no skull to identify it. Leidy was based in Philadelphia and went on to name more dinosaurs. He is best known for his work on fossil Tertiary mammals.