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Paleodinosaur and theropod fingers were supple


Paleodinosaur and theropod fingers were supple so they could flex far back and grasp trghtly. Realistic walking dinosaur costume The most interesting finger was the thumb. It was the stoutest, and had a base joint that twisted inward. This forced the thumb to turn inward and away from the other digits as it extended forward from the palm.ts The thumb was big-clawed too, so this divergent organ made for a nasty weapon. In birds the thumb remains divergent, but it is reduced and supports the speciahzed "alula" feathers that act as an extra aerod5mamic control surface, the purpose of which is explained.


One of the more prominent forelimb muscles is the lattisimus dorsi, walking dinosaur costume for sale which arises from the side of the rib cage and inserts on the back of the humerus, about opposite the lower end of that upper arm bone's deltoid crest. This muscle formed a prominent contour at the armpit. The humerus head and deltoid crest must have been prominent also, even when fleshed out. The fingers were rather like bird feet, being slender and knobby-jointed, not heavily muscled or padded like ours. They were operated via long tendons by muscles bunched around the elbow. The back of the ulna bone was unmuscled just below the elbow, however, just like the back of our forearms.

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