Oviraptor philoceratops designated in 1924

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2.Oviraptor philoceratops designated in 1924, represents the second dinosaur described by Osborn. Oviraptor was a small, very unusual toothless theropod found in an association with fossilized, eggs. Osborn thought this association must make this theropod being a nest-robber with a fondness for ceratopsian eggs. Therefore, he named the egg “robber” Oviraptor philceratops. Since then, this opinion became generally accepted by scientific community. Eventually, it became clear that we deal with a totally wrong interpretation of what we can see at the Oviraptor- eggs assemblage. In 1994, American paleontologists found an Oviraptor embryo, near the point of hatching, inside of the egg for the nest with Oviraptor. This was a proof that Osborn was mistaken about accusation of Oviraptor. Moreover, we have learnt about the first dinosaur with extraordinaly parental care.


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