Outdoor playground kids game battery dinosaur scooter

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Our company produces series products of animatronic mechanical dinosaurs, we use high grade galvanized iron to make inside steel frame, select high quality DC motor as motive power, high density fireproofing sponge as muscle of animal body, use silicone adhesive make skin grafts on the surface, and use microcomputer to control the system of movement, voice, photoelectric effect, start ways of the dinosaur.

The cartoon dinosaur rides combine with modern high-tech and traditional process, every process are all hand-made by experienced workers, the tailor-made products are according to customer`s request about the size, appearance, color and movement; the dinosaurs are provided with movements such as eyes blink, eyes move, mouth open close, head up and down, head left and right, body up and down, body left and right, hand move, leg move, tail sway, breathe, walk, lay eggs, etc. We can control entire exercise by using microcomputer, combining the start ways of mouth open close sounding, infrared, voice control, coin, slot card, etc.

Our products are mainly applicable to museums, park, commercial display, and popular science, community, square, shopping mall, opening ceremony, business activities, etc; from the dinosaurs education, a strong appreciation, interactivity and popular science education.


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