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Outdoor playground handmade animated dinosaur Stegosaurus


All the dinosaurs are handmade dinosaurs, one animated dinosaur Stegosaurus is being painted just now, the painting work is very complicated, especially when the clients ask for realistic colors with high quality, because to make the colors as realistic as possible, the painters will have to make out and coordinate the corresponding colors, which can reach the effects based on the requirements.




And the painting will need to be laid many layers, normally the base color will be white, which will be laid on the whole body, then the red and yellow colors will be added on the white body, then adding the green colors and deep and shallow black colors, finally the workers will need to paint the textures and stripes, which will increase the muscle strength.


Stegosaurus dinosaur


By the way, the colors will fade after about 6 months, when putting outside for exhibition, because the dinosaur will be exposed to the sun and rain, just like the cars, which have to be washed every two weeks, but do not worry, we will provide relative oil pigments to repaint; on another hand, some clients will like the fading, because the faded colors will be much more realistic.


stegosaurus dinosaur model

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