Funfair Dinosaur Rides

After testing for months, our team successfully comes with all improvements in aspects of where always meeting problems, especially on the walking movements, eyes blinking functions, speed control systems, speakers, what we can realize is that the walking dinosaur rides can roar and growl in real voices, walking in any direction, and walk in stepless speed, in this way, the customers can adjust the speed according to different groups of dinosaur riders, such as kids for slower speed and adults with faster speed in other respect.

Funfair Dinosaur Rides For Outdoor Playground

As we normally do, we will manufacture those walking dinosaur rides in 4m(dinosaur rides for 3m), but now, we will recommend to produce in sizes of 3-3.5m, which will be much more fitful for kids, and all of the system will be also steady, each model of walking rides also matches up with saddle and high power storage battery for lasting longer, most of the clients would like to purchase those big dinosaur rides with the other type of dinosaur cars in small sizes(1.6-2m), attracting people so much.

We make the debugging on other models of funfair dinosaur rides, which proves to be stable and applicable, no matter what are the sizes requirements ranging from 2.5-8m(this is the suggested sizes, or will be not practical for walking and riding functions), what’s more, we did not receive any feedback from our customers till now, apart from this, we will move forward to make upgrades as well.

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