Life Size Riding Dinosaur

Our factory can manufacture each type of dinosaur rides, because it will be the similar mechanism to finish, Herrerasaurus ride is one of the rare dinosaur rides, you must seldom see that dinosaurs in the daily life, which can enrich the dinosaur rides, especially for teaching the knowledge about the dinosaurs.

Life Size Riding Dinosaur

The model can be somewhat similar to the Allosaurus, and the perfect size will be ranging from 3m to 5m, if too large, the riding system will be easily broken, which is tested by years, and people will feel much comfortable when sitting on the saddle and commanding the dinosaurs, just like commanding the fighting horses in the war.

It also seemly like the animatronic dinosaurs, just the upgraded animatronic dinosaurs, which can let persons to ride on, so normally the body up and down movements of dinosaur riders will highly required, or will not bear the weight of the riders.

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